• Energy Rating: ★★★★☆
  • Nano- G Air Purifying System.
  • Super Energy saving model.
  • 12000 BTU/h.
  • Carrier advanced technology.
  • 5422 Watt of Cooling Capacity.
  • Dual Sensor with temperature Wave.

WARRANTY (Authorized Warranty Support):

❑ COMPRESSOR: 5 Year’s Replacement.
❑ OTHER PARTS: 1 (One) Year.
❑ FREE SERVICE: 1 (One) Year.

✰ FREE Installation  ✰ FREE Delivery  ✰ Free Cupper Pipe*
▣  Made In Malaysia.

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Carrier 1 Ton Split Air Conditioner 12CS024 equipment, which will serve as your greatest cooling partner. It has ways like Turbo compressor Awesome and Humidification that provide excellent comfort in any the elements from extremely hot to moist ones. Turbo compressor cool reaches the preferred temperature in the quickest possible time making it apt for hot summer days. While Humidification method gives relief during moist varying climate conditions.

Prepared with Cool Driver narrow it helps in keeping away harmful fumes and scents. Along with clean and clean air this 3 in 1 narrow also has Supplement C narrow that provides healthy air, which softens the skin. The mixture of Cool Driver, Supplement C and New iPod nano Jewelry narrow remove dust, plant pollen and harmful bacteria providing you sanitary air. The best part of this Carrier 1 Ton Split Air Conditioner 12CS024 equipment is that it comes with several automated features one of them being Self Clean. When this function is triggered the entire inner unit gets washed on its own, providing you nice and clean air.


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